Start Connecting

Start Connecting

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EdcampMagic Padlet

Is there something you’d like to learn about at EdcampMagic? Share your ideas on the EdcampMagic Padlet and see what others are hoping to learn about. Maybe someone will decide to facilitate a conversation about your topic at EdcampMagic on Saturday, June 9th.


EdcampMagic PLN Facebook Group

The EdcampMagic PLN Facebook Group is a way for you to connect with other EdcampMagic participants and start the conversation. Feel free to ask questions, connect with others to share transportation options, and share your excitement, session ideas, and what you would like to learn more about. Join the EdcampMagic PLN today!


Follow @EdcampMagic on Twitter and use #EdcampMagic to help spread some pixie dust!

We would love to connect with you before EdcampMagic. Connect with @debbiefuco, @di_chamberlain, @wmchamberlain, @jhox1, @DisEdDesign, @myedtech, @missfplunkett, and @twilhelmus on Twitter.

Join the EdcampMagic PLN Facebook Group, and the EdcampMagic community on Facebook.

We are looking forward to sharing a magical learning experience with you at EdcampMagic, June 9, 2018!

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